Vatternrundan China International Biking Tourism Festival Yanbian 2017 CLOSED

Sunday, September 24, 2017
Yanji Jindalai Square

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Male&Female 100km (Road bike)

Sunday, September 24, 2017 09:30


Male&Female 41km (Road bike)

Sunday, September 24, 2017 09:30


Male&Female 45km (MTB)

Sunday, September 24, 2017 09:30


University Group

Sunday, September 24, 2017 09:30


Children Group 5km

Sunday, September 24, 2017 09:35





Vatternrundan China International Biking Tourism Festival Yanbian 2017


The 6th Vatternrundan China International Biking Tourism Festival will this year take place on the usual weekend and more specifically on Sunday, 24 September. Yanji, as capital city of the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, once again plays the role of host city of the event, even though the main race will return to Tumen as finish location, close to the border with North Korea. 

A race will be 100 km in length this year with a number of climbs to be negotiated on the way to Tumen. Less ambitious cyclists can also opt for the 41 km race distance. Once again, there will also be a MTB race in and around Yanji for those who prefer offroad cycling.


Vatternrundan China International Biking Tourism Festival has been successfully held for five years. It has been welcomed by many bikers since it was held in

The Most beautiful frontier, enjoy fun of cycling

Long distance road biking/ short distance road biking / MTB

Cycling Aboard

Vladivostok Golden Horn Bay



People’s gov.of Yanbian Korean Autonomous prefecture;

Tourism bureau of Jinlin Province



Tourism bureau of Yanbian Korean autonomous prefecture;

Government of Yanji city;

Government of Longjing county ;

Government of Tumen county;

Sweden NodicwaysVasa Company


Date and Location

Sep.24th Yanji Jindalai Square



Male&Female 100km (Road bike)

Male&Female 41km (Road bike)

Male&Female 45km (MTB)

Children Group 5km



Sept.24th ,2017 (Sun.)

08:30 performance

08:30 Biking attendants electronically assembling, audiences.

09:00 Opening ceremony of Vatterundan China 2017

09:30 Start of Vatterundan China 2017(98km/41km/45km)

09:35 Children group start

13:00 Long distance award ceremony- Center Square of Tumen

14:30 Finish

18:00 Awarding ceremony of Vatterundan China 2017



Long Dis. Of Yanji : Jindal square – Tumen square 100km

Short Dis. Of Yanji: Jindal square - Yanji sport stadium 41km

Mountain biking race of Yanji: Jindal square –Yanji sport stadium 45km

Children biking race is for entertainment 5km


Registration Fee


Bike transportation:

You need to pack and load the bike yourself. Fee of Changchun-Yanji shuttle truck is 100RMB


Notes for Application

1.Time for Application:

①Online Application Time:today—Sep.17th, 2017


②APP Application:

③Mobile Application for Group Participants:

Mobile Contact Information:Mrs. Qin 137-5603-3392


a. A successful application is registered when you have paid the application fee. It is considered an invalid registration if you haven’t paid before the registration deadline.

b. For this competition, the minimum age for participate is 16 years old.


Road bike rental

Advance reservation is available.

On Sep. 23rd . The opening hours for the bike rental is 15:00-18:00,

Race office, Yanji.

Time to return is Sep. 24th 11:00-17:30

Race office, Yanji.

The price is RMB150 for Yanji stage (only bike).

Bike model:

Giant windmark 2500,size: S(165-175cm)、M(175-185cm) Merida ride 902,size:50cm(170-180cm)



1. Chinese participants are required to provide valid information such as Name, Gender, ID, Birth Date and Native Place same as the ones of the permanent residence booklet.

Non-Chinese participants are required to provide valid information such as Name, Gender, ID, and Nationality same as the ones printed in their valid passports.

2. Participants must be over the age of 16-60 years old (born after Sep 24th 1957, before Sep 24th, 2001), Vatternchina 2017 is a challenge with timing via electronic chip for non-professional and recreational athletes. Children Group is for entertainment,be over the age of 6-15 years old.

3. Participants should be engaged in bicycle exercise, and must have a good physical health conditioning for this race. Must have minimum vision impairment , in audition no signs of disease. Participants should not display any symptoms such as the following: fever, cold, heart attack, hypertension, myocardial infarction and/or cerebral thrombosis. Participants should also be mentally healthy and emotionally stable . Participants should not be taking any drinks, foods or drugs which will affect their mental ability and awareness. The organizing committee reserves the right to disqualify any of the participants.

(1) Participants are required to be in proper and healthy condition and will sign a statement – see below - saying so upon collecting the number bib at the event’s race office. Nordic Ways declines all liability if health problems are experienced during the event.

(2) Participants need to sign the “Legal Liability Exemption and Waiver of Rights”, you can download it from the official website ( and print it out. Please sign it and then you can hand it in at the competition office. Also you can pick up and sign the form at the competition office.

(3) Nordic Ways will purchase insurances for the registered athletes until five days before the start of the vatternchina 2017, based on the correct information provided. Hence, participants are required to fill in the necessary information in correct fashion. Otherwise, they are personally responsible for any risk or injury occurred during the event.

(4) As of XX DATE 2017, people who still wish to sign up for the competition are required to arrange their own insurance cover.

(5) Registered participants who obtain injury or any other health hazard during the event shall follow the official insurance procedure. Nordic Ways will not pay the medical treatment fee in advance.

4. There is no limitation of gender or nationality of the participant.

5. Every participant can only sign up for one race distance.

6. People who are currently professional athletes may not take part in this race. A professional biker is a person who features on the official team roster of a UCI licensed ELITE MTB team, UCI MTB team, or roadbike UCI ProTour, Pro Continental or Continental team. The team rosters and names of riders are available on the website of the UCI, the International Cycling Federation. There can therefore be no discussion. Top amateur riders who are hired as occasional guestriders for any of the aforementioned team categories are not considered professionals. In addition, athletes registered to the Chinese Cycling Association can not take part in this competition.





1.Prize money are before tax(20%)

2.Long Master:45-60(born between 1957-1972)

3.Ranking prize and age prize cannot get together

4.You can download finish Certificate from website


Other Information

1. Contestants need to prepare their bicycle for competition and all their, gear by themselves, You also need to bring your own helmet.. You must wear the number bib when you queue for the start. The referees preserve the right to disqualify anyone not meeting these requirements

2. No cheating, deliberately obstructing others or fighting, This will also lead to disqualification.

3. The electronic timing device is the priority device for the production of the race results, artificial timing is the auxiliary pole.

4. You should bring tires and tools for mending flat tires by yourself.

5. The Chief Judge will be appointed by the Cycling Association of China. The competition will be run according to the Associations latest rules .

6. In the case of harsh weather conditions the referees have the power decrease or increase the number of riders in a group. Thing may be altered to ensure a safe smooth completion of the race. Please make sure to pay attention to all announcements and notices.

7. Please make sure to stay updated via our website, and weibo. Also make sure to keep your phone at hand. We may try to contact you with any relevant information.


Contact us

Tel: 0431-8964 5455/189 4656 2760

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Official WeChat: nordicways

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